The Weather Adventures of StormChaser Jim


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StormChaser Jim is a website I created to document and share my love of weather. My fascination with severe weather began when I was in my early teens . . . I was living in south Florida when we took a direct hit from hurricane David, a Category 1 hurricane. I was fascinated by the storm and wanted to go outside to experience the actual weather. I did manage to get outside not only during the brunt of the storm, with 90-100mph winds but, also during the eye as it passed over Palm Beach. My love and fascination of weather continued to grow over the years and I inevitably added photography to my hobby and started photographing the weather I encountered. I eventually started storm chasing hardcore and began the arduous challenge of learning to do my own severe weather forecasting. I also upgraded to a digital camera and wanted a place to display and share my weather photos hence, this site was born. I have had the opportunity to chase with Reed Timmer and the Discovery Channel film crew, Charles Edwards and his Cloud 9 tour group as well as countless solo chases and chasing with friends. I am a huge fan of severe weather forecasting and severe weather tracking and I'm continually striving to improve my forecasting skills. I also enjoy severe weather photography and am constantly amazed at the beauty mother nature displays in the weather.